Engineering Services

 Feasibility Studies

Determine the most cost effective direction for your project

Additional Costs and "surprises" are minimized during installation

Our Engineering and Design team will work with you to:

•Define project objectives

•Identify multiple approaches to achieve project goals

•Evaluate and report alternative solutions based on benefits vs. investment

•Recommend the best opportunity to pursue

•Develop High level project scope, cost and schedule

Process/Packaging Engineering

Increase manufacturing efficiencies

Cost effective processes designed to meet your needs

Extensive experience with a wide range of food and beverage processing & packaging systems

Our Engineering and Design Team is at your service to:

•Troubleshoot existing process/packaging issues

•Help reduce waste and identify inefficiencies

•Work with product development to scale-up pilot plant processes

•Obtain input from client operations and maintenance personnel

•Define process/packaging scope based on client's objectives

•Develop preliminary project budget and schedule

•Size equipment based on production requirements

•Create process flow diagrams and process instrumentation diagrams

•Create scope of work document and equipment specifications

•Request and compare vendor quotes

•Develop construction and as-built drawings


Facilities Engineering

Improve utilization and efficiency of existing facilities

Design new manufacturing facilities for the most efficient product flow from raw materials through finished goods

Our Engineers and Designers have experience with:

•Foundations and Structures

•Equipment Foundations and Supports


•Architectural Modifications & Additions

•Site Modifications, Additions & Appurtenances

•Docks, Canopies, Containment

•Retaining Walls & Retention Basins


•Exterior/Interior Finishes



•Compressed Air

•Chilled Water

•Fire Protection

•Code Compliance

•Office Configuration

•Employee Requirements

Control System Engineering

Better product quality and consistency

Increased manufacturing efficiencies and reduced downtime

Improved safety for personnel and equipment

Our Control System Engineers have experience with:

•System integration, commissioning and support

•Control system upgrades Allen-Bradley "Silver Series" hardware replacement

•Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) programming

•Operator interface (HMI) programming

•Data acquisition system (SCADA) programming

•Electrical single lines and schematics

•Operator manuals and training

•Process instrumentation

•Control panel design

•ISO I38489-I, safety control circuits and control reliability

•NFPA 70E, standard for electrical safety in the workplace

•NFPA 79, electrical standard for industrial machinery

•Lighting layouts

Project Management

Client needs are recognized and met throughout the project

Project meets scope objectives

Project is delivered on schedule and within budget

Our Project Managers:

•Track project progress against the budget and schedule

•Coordinate and track all project activities

•Engage stakeholders in project design and implementation

•Develop project budget and schedule

•Develop and distribute bid packages

•Review bids and recommend vendor/contractor selections to client

•Procure equipment and monitor fabrication and delivery

•Procure trades for construction/installation and coordinate their efforts

•Coordinate project activities with plant operations and maintenance

CAD/3D Modeling

Professional documentation for your project

Improved communication and understanding with 3D modeling

Our Engineers and Designers are experienced in:

•AutoCAD/AutoCAD 3D

•Intergraph MicroStation


We can provide you with:

•Site Plans

•Plant Layouts

•General Arrangements

•Equipment Fabrication Drawings

•Equipment Location and Elevations

•Process Flow Diagrams (PFD's)

•Process Instrumentation Diagrams (PID's)

•Electrical Single Lines and Schematics

•Control Panel Layouts

•Lighting Plans