Past Projects

Cold-Formed Food Bar Line

$15 Million processing and packaging system. Engineering, design and project execution support through startup and operator training.

Hygienic Zoning Improvements

$2.9 Million improvement project to separate areas and systems in a food plant to prevent product contamination. Designed and implemented changes to walls and HVAC. Engineering and execution.

Food Line Capacity Increase

$2.1 Million project to significantly increase the production capacity of a food production line. Processing and packaging systems. Engineering and execution.

Explosion Protection

$835,000 project to engineer and install improvements to dust collectors to prevent combustible dust explosion in food manufacturing facility. Engineering and execution.

 Roof Upgrade

$10.2 Million project to replace roof membrane on a major food processing and packaging plant to prevent infiltration and contamination of food plant and products. Engineering and execution.

Paper Machine Press Section Replacement

Project to increase plant capacity. Concept engineering, general arrangements, structural evaluation and detailed design for press bases, frame modifications, paper guide rollers and bearings, new motor and gearbox, support pedestals and overhead crane rails.

Pneumatic Conveying System

Install pneumatic conveying system to transport raw ingredients in a food plant. Engineering and execution.

Structural Steel Detailing

Design of architectural details such as stairs, railings, and platforms for various projects in the New York City area including the new Yankee Stadium, and the 9-11 Memorial.

Water Handling System

Designed new water handling system to enable craft brewery to double their brewing capacity. System transported, treated, and stored water for various uses including brewing, boiler, and cleaning.